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3/27/04 Jupiter triple shadow transit observing report

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Late March ’04 provided a glorious view of an uncommon shadow transit on Jupiter.

OCA’s Spring “How to Use Your Telescope” Class

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This Friday, April 2, 2004, 7:30 p.m., held behind the Centennial Heritage Museum, Santa Ana.

Do you have a telescope that’s giving you problems? Bring it to the class and get some help from our volunteers!

Are you thinking of getting a telescope? Come to the class and check out the telescopes others bring, find out what they like and dislike about them, get a feel for how the telescopes really work before you make your decision.

Do you like helping people who are having equipment problems get their telescopes working so they can enjoy what’s out there for themselves? Come along to the class we can use your help!

Spitzer Telescope and "NEW Planet"- called Sedna

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A breaking news story reports that NASA will be holding a press conference on Monday 15th all about a new object (nearly the size of Pluto) whose discovery was aided by the Spitzer Space Telescope. Very appropriate news as our speaker at the March meeting last Friday was Dr Luisa Rebull from the Spitzer project.

President’s Message – March 2004

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Time flies by fast, especially when the deadline for material for the Sirius Astronomer is the 15th of the month before each issue – which means that I should be […]

Revised Agenda – 3/7/04 Board Meeting

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This is the revised agenda for the Board Meeting on Sunday. Please contact Barbara Toy if you want to attend: or 714/606-1825.