Cosmic Adventures


This is an inreach program for club members (OCA membership is required) that provides access to robotic telescopes at no cost to memebers and other professional astronomy resources and is divided into two portals.

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Imaging Portal

Thanks to our partnership with Las Cumbres Observatory, participants can request observations from their global robotic network of 0.4-meter telescopes.
Images are processed using SalsaJ and AstroImageJ then published to Padlet for comparison.
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Cosmic Adventures

Citizen Science Portal

Through a partnership with IASC and InStAR, projects are offered for more advanced observers, with the possibility of discoveries and getting published.
  • Asteroid Search
  • Double Stars
  • Exoplanet Search
  • More, coming soon!

The Cosmic Adventures is an opportunity to use observational data from remote telescopes to do research and/or image processing. It is divided into two portals:

The Imaging Portal is to do remote observations through the Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network, and image processing with the SalsaJ software. It is aimed at members of all ages. We suggest parents supervise elementary and junior high students. Extensive help files and mentoring are available within the portal.

The Citizen Science Portal involves members in more advanced astronomy as citizen scientists doing asteroid searches and double star measurements and other projects.

To become involved in either portal, participants must be or become a member of the Orange County Astronomers. Instructions and guides will be provided after sign up. Thanks to the organizations involved you can enjoy these resources cost-free.

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The Cosmic Adventures is an inreach program of Orange County Astronomers in collaboration with Global Hands-On Universe.
Designed by Dr. Doug Millar (EdD, UOPX) and other OCA members in cooperation with Dr. Carl Pennypacker (LBNL, UCB) and Bonnie Thurber (MFA, NLU).