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LAST DAY to register for AstroImage 2004 at reduced fee!

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Just a reminder for all my fellow procrastinators – today (8/20) is the LAST DAY to register for AstroImage 2004 at the reduced fee ($49 instead of $65 – both are a real bargain, considering the program, but why not get the better bargain?).

The easiest way to be sure you’re within the deadline is to register on line and pay through PayPal. Or, if you’re going to be at the Astrophysics meeting tonight, you can give me your form and a check for the right amount (you have the option of ordering the dinner for $20 as well as the conference video for $15) and I’ll make sure it gets to Charlie. Or – if you trust the Post Office – you can mail it to Charlie at the club’s P.O. Box (1762, Costa Mesa, CA 92628).

Barbara Toy
OCA President
and AI 2004 Volunteer Coordinator

Larry McDavid’s Sundial Resource List

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As a preview to September’s talk at the general meeting, here’s the Sundial Resource List that Larry McDavid had too few copies of at RTMC. These’ll give you a taste of the surprising complexity of one of our earliest types of clocks. The picture is of the Turtle Bay Sundial Bridge – a very modern sundial. You can learn more about it .

President’s Message – August 2004

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In case you haven’t picked up yet on the delicate hints that have been dropped here and there over the last few weeks, this month (August, the 27th and 28th, […]