Revised Agenda – 3/7/04 Board Meeting

Posted On March 1, 2004


OCA Board Meeting

March 7, 2004



  • Approval of January Minutes
  • Financial Summary/insurance status
  • Set May meeting date - BSC star party is 5/8, Anza 5/15, RTMC 5/28-30; 5/2 and 5/23 seem best on calendar.



  • Approval of expenditure for club pamphlets ($531.94 for 2000) and cards ($106.19 for 2000)
  • Approval of new door for observatory (estimated cost: $450)
  • Approval of $100 to support the Silverado/Black Star Canyon Clear Sky Clock (Russ Sipe is sponsoring the Anza Clear Sky Clock)
  • Approval of up to $300 for purchase of telecompressor for the Kuhn telescope
  • Approval of expenditures to grade and lay gravel on the roads at Anza (estimated $500 for the tractor, $700 for the gravel).
  • Approval of setting 2004 Star-B-Q on July 17 (July Anza star party)
  • Approval for adding Website Editor/former President and former Trustee Russ Sipe to OCA Board emailing list.
  • Approval of up to $300 for vinyl flooring for the three bathrooms in Anza House and associated costs.







o       LX200 plan and variations

o       Establishing policies and procedures

o       Maintenance issues

  • Anza site plan/Anza Planning Task Force
  • Anza Broadband - Implementation of payment schedule, controlling access, proposed rules for use of the service.
  • Security lock for observing area of OCA Observatory
  • Observatory roof.



  • Banquet
  • RTMC
  • Chapman University - show of appreciation.  Tony Obra's suggestion: Brass/bronze plaque
  • Repair/rebuilding of storage/library cabinets at Chapman needed.
  • Proposal from Bob Evans' to change club election procedure: In case of a tie for position of Trustee, increase total number of Trustees by one and let both of the tied candidates serve as Trustee for that year.
  • Proposal from Liam Kennedy re: funding for supplies needed for "Look Up Tonight With the OCA."
  • Establishing/maintaining repository of club correspondence
  • Establishing/maintaining club archives
  • Mice/rat eradication in Anza House



  • Telescope Loaner Program
  • Items in storage - use in Loaner Program, selling unneeded/unusable items at RTMC and elsewhere
  • Kuhn - update on issue on replacement/upgraded parts
  • Painting of Anza House
  • Anza House furnace
  • Awards plans/program update