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In Memory of Antonio Miro

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After a long and valiant struggle to overcome long-term complications of diabetes, Antonio Miro passed away on June 24, 2005. This is my memorial to one who was a dear friend to many of us in the club, and who is very much missed.


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Because help we thought had been lined up is now unavailable, we urgently need help both with the design and building of the new observatory roof and with work that’s needed on the old roof to keep it functioning until it can be replaced. Any help you can give would be deeply appreciated. Please click on the title for details.

Around OCA for July, 2005

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When this was written for the Sirius Astronomer, Antonio Miro was doing well and we all had high hopes that he would soon be back among us. Unfortunately, his heart was ultimately unable to withstand the stresses of his condition, and he passed away early on June 24, 2005. I modified the article somewhat from what appeared in the SA because of this sad development.

Except for the changes as to Antonio, this is the full version of the article as originally written; certain portions were edited out of the version that appeared in the SA for the best of reasons – Steve Condrey received a lot of material for that issue and ran out of space.