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Photographer Information

Photographers whose images appear in the Image Gallery are listed at the link below, along with contact information and the images they have contributed. To use any of the images listed below, contact the individual photographer.

Photographers: It is your responsibility to keep your contact information current with the club's treasurer. Photographers

More Information

About Using These Images

Using the Images in the Image Gallery

These images are provided as part of the OCA's continuing efforts to promote public awareness and understanding of astronomy; no promotion or endorsement of any individual or business is intended.

OCA Images

Images taken with the OCA's Kuhn Telescope and CCD camera are the property of the OCA. These images may be used freely provided that such use is NOT FOR PROFIT and credit is given to the Orange County Astronomers.

Independent Photographer Images

All other images are the property of and copyrighted by independent photographers. To receive permission to use any of these images, please contact the appropriate photographer; do not send e-mail to the Image Gallery administrator. The Orange County Astronomers will not be involved in any negotiations regarding use of independent photographer images on its web site.

Image FAQ

Can I use these images for my own personal purposes?

This issue is discussed in detail, above.

Can I do my own image processing on these images?

You are welcome to do your own image processing to these images. However, they have already been processed and compressed to a considerable extent. So, additional image processing will probably not result in a significant gain of detail.

Because of the image processing that we do, these images cannot be considered as a reliable source of data. If you think you discovered a new comet or asteroid in an image, please notify the photographer first so that they can check the original image before you call CBAT.

How do I submit images to the Image Gallery

Visit here.

How are the Kuhn Telescope images taken?

See the Kuhn Telescope page.

Submitting Images

Please note that we are no longer accepting submissions to the old Image Gallery area although we will continue to display the historical images on the web site. We now have a new Image Album system which allows members of the OCA to upload their work directly into the web site (you just need to login to your member account). Be sure to include all relevant information with Image Album uploads:

  • Name of object(s)
  • Equipment used -- type of lens/telescope, guiding, filters, etc.
  • Type of camera/film
  • Date and time (preferably UT)
  • Length of exposure
  • Image processing software, if any used
  • Explanatory comments/notes