Video Review: Roving Mars by Walt Disney Pictures

Posted On January 23, 2009

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Some of you are old enough to have watched the old Disneyland TV show in the 1950's. I remember a warm summer night in 1957, with the TV (black and white) turned to the screen door so that we could watch while sitting outside on the patio (no air conditioning in those days), and learning about canals on Mars, the mysterious "W-shaped cloud" that was once observed on the planet, and hearing Wernher von Braun himself describe how we were going to travel to Mars, using a fleet of spacecraft based on ion propulsion. If you remember that old show, get this DVD: that show is one of the special features on this disk.

If you aren't old enough to remember the -50's (or even if you do), you will be educated, excited, and motivated by the main feature  the story of the development, launch, landing, and mission of the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity. The animated sequence describing the launch, cruise, and entry phases of the spaceflight is absolutely stunning. The human drama at JPL during the landing phase is wonderfully portrayed.

You'll enjoy the video, and your kids will learn some important lessons about science, and about life.

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