M81 & M82, 21 June 1998

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Photographer Rick Steiner

Optics Used

Camera Used

Settings / Equipment Astrophysics Traveller refractor (610mm fl, f/5.8); manually guided using a single-axis drive Super Polaris mount; 16 min exposure on Kodak Royal Gold 1000.

Location Anza, California

Date / Time June 21, 1998 6:30 am


Additional Information Taken under excellent seeing conditions (8/10). Photographer's note: This didn't scan very well, and the autocontrast picked up some photofinishing artifacts. It's kind of a fun shot, however, since NGC 3077 and NGC 2976 are easily visible. The spiral galaxies M81 (just above center) and M82 (top center) in Ursa Major. Spiral galaxies NGC 3077 (center left) and NGC 2976 (lower right) are also visible.