Cygnus Star Cloud

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Photographer Jim Janusz

Optics Used

Camera Used

Settings / Equipment Piggybacked Pentax 6x7 camera with 200mm f/4 lens and Lumicon H-Alpha filter; 130 min exp. on 120 format TechPan film

Location Blair Valley, Anza Borrego, CA; 23 Sep 1995

Date / Time September 23, 1995 12:00 am


Additional Information A remarkable image of the Cygnus region of the Milky Way, showing a great deal of faint nebulosity. At the top left are the North America nebula and just to its right, the Pelican nebula. To their right is the brightest star in the image, Deneb. The nebulosity at center is the Gamma Cygni complex. Just below and to the right of that is the tiny "bubble" of the Crescent Nebula (NGC 6888). In the lower left corner, the faint wisps belong to the Veil Nebula. See legend for details. Film was scanned to Kodak Pro Photo CD, then image processed using PhotoShop.