Updated Agenda for Board Meeting on tonight, 11/7/04

Posted On November 4, 2004

OCA Board Meeting

November 7, 2004




  • Approval of September Minutes
  • Set January meeting date - Anza star party is 1/8, BSC star parties are 1/1 and 1/29, General Meeting (and election) is 1/14.  1/23 would probably be best, followed by 1/30.
  • Financial Summary



  • Confirm approval of repair of the 12" LX200 by Meade as general maintenance item.  Expected base cost for repair of focuser and RA drive: $215.50 (negotiated down from $450 plus tax by Matt Kellick of Scope City).
  • Confirm approval of fundraising program proposed by Larry McManus to solicit donations of items that could be sold on Ebay, and use his company, Clearpoint, as the club's agent to sell the items through Ebay.  Larry McManus has volunteered to collect the items and handle whatever administrative duties would be needed on the part of the club.  Clearpoint will handle the sales process, appropriate packaging and delivery of sold items to the buyers, and collection of amounts due from buyers.  If an item sells for $300 or less, the club is to receive 52%, if it sells for $300 or more, the club receives 70%.  See attached email from Larry McManus for details.
  • Approve repair of pump for Club Observatory (estimated cost: $330.00).
  • Approve having the 10" LX200 repaired by Meade.
  • Approve allocation of up to $120.00 from the Education Fund to pay for computer interface to allow use of the TV in the Centennial Museum classroom to display pictures and other images from the computer for the Beginners Class.



  • Presentation and request for approval of member observatories/pads by Carlos Lemmi on behalf of himself and Greg Pyros.
  • Proposal on meeting videos/TV programs/DVD's by Liam Kennedy [Liam is working and so will be late, so this will be taken up when he's able to get to the meeting].



  • Anza site plan/Anza Planning process
  • Observatory roof - what is our timetable?  If we plan to build it before it gets too hot in the summer, we need to have any Board action by the March meeting, at the latest.
  • Fence for Anza site - timetable?  Who will have overall responsibility for the project?  [Gary Schones was trying to get prices from some contractors he works with.  Clearing the area where the fence goes will be a significant additional cost or work effort.]
  • Kuhn - have we got the replacement chip for the RA drive?
  • Anza Broadband system - status on modifications/repairs.



  • Board election
  • Explore the Stars - Richard Cranston has resigned as coordinator.  Suggestions for finding a new coordinator?
  • Do we want to establish a "designated smoking area" at the Anza site where people can smoke outside their cars?
  • Request by Barbara Toy for allocation from Education Fund for folding chairs for Centennial Museum classroom for the Beginners Class.
  • Policy on refunds of Star Membership fee when the member has to move from the area before getting trained or using the Kuhn.



  • Beginners Class - David Pearson is filling in for/working with Antonio Miro to teach the class.
  • Anza electrical system - Craig Bobchin has not yet been able to meet the electrician out at Anza to do the evaluation.
  • Anza clean-up - one trailer load was removed on 10/16, a lot more needs to be cleared.  A further clean-up day has been tentatively set on 11/13.