Saturday 09/20/08 BSC star party recap

Posted On September 21, 2008

We not only saw the ISS pass over low in the sky at 8:30 PM but also at 7 PM (Hassi had noticed this early pass which was easily seen when it was still fairly light out, as the ISS was a bright magnitude -2). We had 21 cars come out on a clear and warm Saturday evening. One visitor, David Spitzer and his wife, brought out a new 14″ Celestron that was giving him trouble but Keith and Val helped it see first light. Thanks to them, David filled out a membership form and became a member that night.


We all enjoyed seeing Venus before it set and Jupiter was magnificent all evening along with the 4 Galilean moons. The Ring Nebula looked great and the Andromeda Galaxy was clear in binoculars and telescopes. The two colorful blue & gold stars that make up double star Alberio was a favorite. The thick patch of the Milky Way called M24 sure showed a lot (thousands) of small stars in my 5″ telescope. Open cluster M25 was bright & clear.


It was 69 F when I opened the gate at 6:20 PM and was only 61 F when I closed the gate at 11:15 PM. Unfortunately, clouds started forming about 9:30 PM and by 10 PM the sky was completely clouded over except for Sagittarius & Jupiter.