Reminder – How to Use Your Telescope class Friday, 7/7!

Posted On July 6, 2006

The "How to Use Your Telescope" class is part of our regular Beginners Class.  It will be held in front of the classroom behind the Centennial Heritage Museum at 7:30 on Friday, July 7.  The museum is located at 3101 W. Harvard, Santa Ana.  This is about a half block west of Fairview; Harvard is between Edinger and Warner.  To get to the museum from the south, take Fairview north, turn left on Harvard, and the museum will be on your right.  From the north, take Fairview south, turn right on Harvard, and the museum will be on your right.  The main museum buildings are a couple of Victorian houses, and the driveway is at the far end of the property - take it to the back of the property, follow it to the right as it curves around the museum buildings, and you will see the parking area to your left with the classroom behind it.  Please park around the edges of the parking area, as that is where the telescopes will be setting up.

For more information about the class, please email or call Barbara Toy:, 714/606-1825.

For more information on the Beginners Class, including the overall schedule and downloadable materials, please see the webpage on the class: /about_oca/special_interest_groups/beginners_class/