Proposed Agenda for Board Meeting Sunday, 7/9/06

Posted On July 6, 2006

Orange County Astronomers

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

July 9, 2006



  • Approval of May Minutes
  • Set September meeting date - Labor Day is 9/4, Anza star party is 9/23, BSC is 9/16, the General Meeting is 9/8. The best alternatives appear to be 9/10 or 9/17.
  • Financial Summary:  Treasurer's Report; "computerized financial forecast" proposal, financial report to the membership.



  • None



  • None



  • Banquet update
  • Anza House

√ò      No volunteers yet for coordinator - need suggestions for recruitment.

√ò      Anza House roof repair

  • Astroimage 2006: status.
  • Centennial Museum status
  • Observatory roof - setting of schedule, etc.

√ò      Part 1: Remove and replace rear roof support structure. Cost?

√ò      Part 2: Remove and replace Roof. Cost?

  • Removal of trailers left on Anza site.
  • Donation of Chris Butler painting to the club - how should it be used?
  • Anza electrical system - what do we want to do with that project?



  • Action to terminate pad licenses for delinquency in paying pad fees and membership fees.
  • Anza House lights (interior and exterior)
  • Proposed promotional item: embroidered OCA patches (suggested by Matt Ota)



  • Website technical support - we finally have a new Web Tech, Rob Carr, who has already corrected some problems on the site.  He is coordinating with Hassi Norlen, our Website Editor.
  • Anza weed whackers - thanks to Ray Stann, the big weed whacker is fully operational, and the small gas-powered one is marginally operational.  Thanks to Bruce Waddington, club members also have the use of his electrical weed-whacker and extra cord, which is stored in the storage container by the observatory.
  • Test directional arrow on Football Field pads - this has been postponed because of Matt Ota's schedule this summer.
  • Anza Site Committee update
  • Mocat update
  • Anza Broadband system:  Connections at the observatory still need to be completed; Vance needs to know where the antenna will go when the roof is replaced.
  • WeatherCam status - the camera and mirror still need to be installed and connected.  Charlie is looking for compatible connectors.
  • Checking of keys to all structures at Anza (i.e. observatories/sheds) - not yet done.
  • Remove and replace steel front door on observatory - status.