Powerful Telescopes for Teachers Around the World

Posted On November 27, 2020

Teachers around the world need powerful resources to motivate, inspire, and educate their students. 

Now, we can unlock the wonders of the universe by providing educators with a revolutionary scientific instrument that connects their students to the cosmos, real astronomers and people around the world: the Unistellar eVscope.

51962450_1605742186519261_r.jpegThe Unistellar eVscope is a totally automated and easy-to-use telescopes that lets students capture images and collect real astronomical data even in light-polluted urban skies. See their website or overview video to learn more about the instrument. 

This GoFundMe campaign is for an “astronomy citizen science for education” pilot program. It aims to provide eVscopes to teachers around the world, who will work with our team as we develop an engaging, inquiry-based science curriculum that uses eVscopes in the classroom. Soon, their students can learn science by doing science!


Through this process, they’ll discover and confirm exoplanets, track and characterize asteroids for planetary defense, look for exploding supernova stars, comets, and in some cases even publish their work alongside professional scientists. 

Our pilot teachers for this program include:
-Ms. Susan Murabana from Kenya and the Traveling Telescope Program (link)
-Ms. Elizabeth Villanueva in Chile 
-Ms. Constanza Cintolesi in Chile
-Mr. Niraj Karna in Nepal
-Mr. Alvaro Folhas in Portugal
-Mr. David Platz in Australia
-Ms. Ceci Caballero in USA
-Mr. Kryston Tillett in USA
-and hopefully many many more

Our team working with these teachers includes: Global Hands-On Universe (GHOU) founder, Carl Pennypacker; Modeling Instruction education expert, Colleen Megowan-Romanowicz of the American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA); University of Southern Queensland (USQ) PhD student and SETI Institute Unistellar Education Associate, Dan Peluso; Planetary Astronomer at SETI Institute and Chief Science Officer of Unistellar, Franck Marchis; and many others at GHOU, AMTA, USQ, Unistellar, and the SETI Institute.

Students around the world love exoplanets, especially the possibility of discovering a planet with intelligent life that could offer hope and guidance here on Earth.

The Global Hands-On Universe Program has already reached over 50,000 teachers around the world, and wants to expand their reach 100-fold. These Unistellar eVscopes are the only known instrument to enable real images and astronomical research quality data to reach our growing audience of eager teachers and students, in an easy-to-use, compact instrument that gives them complete control on the observation process.

Your generous donation will help bring the wonders of the cosmos to students around the world!


If you are an educator wishing to be involved in this pilot program and project, or are curious to learn more, or just have questions or want to give us some feedback or comments, please fill out this short FORM and we will get back to you. Thank you!