NEW WEBSITE! Important Information

Posted On July 7, 2019

Welcome to the new website of the Orange County Astronomers!


As many of you have realized over the years we have needed a new website. Our old site was in desperate need of an overhaul to make it compatible with current technology. So here are some facts you will need to know. This is still a work in progress, almost all the work has been done but there is some clean up that needs to be accomplished. The site is very different from the old site but we hope you find it usable, as with anything new there is always a bit of learning and getting used to new environments.

1. The member login is not yet setup and that will happen in the near future, so you cannot login just quite yet. This means if you are member you cannot currently upload images to the gallery and you cannot download the Anza site private files.

2. In the near future you will be able to manage your membership online and be able to renew and join online.

3. Some of the posts that were transferred over from the old site did not have any dates as to when they were published. So the dates of publication may be really wrong; please contact the club secretary if you see any errors and we will try and get those dates corrected. This is for articles and dates other than image gallery dates.

4. Dates of posting of images are going to be off. All new items uploaded will have the correct upload dates when they were uploaded. We may at some point get around to correcting dates but there are so many images that were transferred over, mostly for historical reasons that it may not be practical to change them all.

5. When the membership logins are enabled, members can upload images into the gallery, you can only upload jpg or png images. No other image types will be allowed to upload. There is a size limitation of 1500×1500 pixels and 2mb in size. This is substantially larger than the previous gallery.  Load only images relevant to the OCA, astronomy or astroimages, any other images will be deleted. Any offensive images will be deleted and the uploading member will be banned.

6.  The calendar system has been greatly improved and can be downloaded to your mobile devices that are iCal compatible. If there are any events that should be added to the calendar contact an officer of the club.

7. Don’t see what you are looking for? Scroll down, or select from the drop down menus.