Mars Mania at the UCI-OCA Mars Party

Posted On August 28, 2003

The UCi-OCA Mars Night was a smashing success to say the least.  We started setting up our telescopes at 7pm.  By 8pm there was a long line of people waiting to look though UCI’s 24 inch telescope.   Circled around the observatory members of the OCA and UCI’s astronomy club set additional telescopes ranging in size from 90mm to 355mm in aperature.

As time marched on we could see what one could only refer to as a mass of humanity, people young & old,  upon the hill and around us.  Long lines formed around the small telescopes and for three hours they came, they saw.  Not word of disinchantment was heard.  Thank you after thank you.  Many asked questions about Mars, our telescopes, our club.  

It was not until about 1:30 in the morning that the hill could be seen with only a few people on it   At 2:00 perhaps only 30 remained to view the red planet.  So we packed it up and with a sigh we said good night.  And what a good night it was.  Never has so many people looked through our telescopes in one night.