July OCA Beginner’s Class: “How to use your Telescope”

Posted On June 3, 2020

On Friday, July 3 is the OCA “How to use your telescope” session.  Due to COVID-19, we will not hold this class at the Heritage museum in Santa Ana.   Therefore, OCA will host a virtual class using the program Zoom.  The class will consist of several telescope live demos and then open up to anyone to talk about their telescope issues.   This can be either a verbal question or a live showing of the telescope and the problems or questions about it.

I am requesting OCA volunteers who would like to assist by hosting a live 10-15 min talking session from their home about “How to use a telescope” for one of the following scope types;

1) Dobsonian, no encoders

2) Motorized Newtonian or refractor (not go-to)

3) Go-to Alt-AZ

4) Go-to Equatorial

If you would like to volunteer, please contact David Pearson at p.davidw@yahoo.com or by cell phone (714) 293-5684.

Additional info for those interested:

I would recommend for the live session a discussion of the following topics;

Note that the folks watching/listening may be beginners and may have very little knowledge about telescopes or maybe no knowledge at all.

David Pearson