Behind-the-scenes tour of Palomar Observatory just for OCA Members

Posted On August 14, 2003

Scott Kardell, the Public Affairs coordinator for the Palomar Observatory, is arranging for two very special tours of the observatory telescopes and facilities just for OCA Members.

On September 6th members of the OCA’s AstroImagers special interest group will be treated to a special behind-the-scenes tour.  You must be a member of the OCA’s AstroImagers SIG to attend the tour… and if you would like to join the group I am sure that you would be welcome.  Their next meeting is on Tuesday August 19th.  Check the calendar for details. (note: this tour no longer has any space although if you would like to hear of future opportunities for a tour please contact the AstroImagers SIG)

There is an additional tour scheduled for September 20th… the only catch is that to be on the tour you must be a volunteer for that months Explore-the-Stars Outreach at Palomar Mountain.  So now would be a VERY good time to contact the ETS coordinator Richard Cranston and offer your help at the event!  Check the calendar for further details on the ETS program and how to contact Richard.

The following is from a special announcement email sent by Richard Cranston to the regular list of outreach volunteers.

For the September program, we will be doing something special. I have arranged a tour of the Palomar Mountain Observatory for the September Explore the Stars Volunteers beginning at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. This tour will include an inside tour of the 200″, and may also include tours of the 60″, 48″, 18″, and the interferometer facilities. Our ETS July and August presenter, Scott Kardel, the Public Affairs Coordinator for the Palomar Observatory, is hosting this tour. We will meet on the backside of the 200″ by the concrete dummy mirror assembly. This tour will begin promptly at 2:00 p.m.