2017 Solar Eclipse Discounted Book Offer

Posted On November 12, 2015

If you're thinking about trying to see the 2017 solar eclipse across
the U.S., here's a chance to order some essential planning
publications at a discount.

I'm coordinating a quantity order for some books which are being
self-published by Fred Espenak for the August, 2017 solar eclipse
which crosses the U.S. Two of these books are not available through
Amazonor other book sellers.

The order will be placed on the Monday after the November OCA general
meeting (Nov. 16). All we need at this time is for you to send an
email indicating your interest. I should have the books ready for
distribution at the December general meeting. If you are interested,
please read all details here:


Also at this link are my slides about the eclipse planning which I
used at the talk I gave at the October AstroImagers SIG meeting.

Dave Kodama