08/04/07 Blackstar Canyon recap

Posted On August 6, 2007

I opened the gate at 7:20 pm and it was a warm 68F t-shirt evening. There were some clouds on the horizon so we were not able to see Venus or Saturn. We did see the ISS space station for six minutes as it glided overhead just after sunset. Jupiter was bright and visible early along with it’s four Galileon moons in a straight row.

There were pesky clouds around Jupiter and the Scorpion that prevented us from finding the comet but the summer triangle was clear. We showed off the double star Alberio to guests and some found the ring nebula.

But we were clouded over by 10 pm so most everyone left by 10:30. I closed the gate at 11:20 and noted that the temp was still a warm 63F. Maybe it was good that we left early as there was a mountain lion warning issues by the Irvine Ranch. I am happy to report that no astronomers at Blackstar were attacked Saturday evening…at least none I am aware of?