05/04/2013 BSC star party Recap

Posted On May 6, 2013

We arrived a little early and put up the OCA star party signs and had the gate open at 7 pm. The sun was slowly heading down over the hills and the sky had a lot of clouds and a heavy marine layer was drifting our way. Temperature had dropped to 64 degrees.


The sky was so cloudy that we didn’t even try to spot the N. Korean satellite and we were all just hoping the heavy marine layer would stay away for awhile. Around 8:30 pm I was able to do a night sky tour showing the Big Dipper and other objects nearby, and then show a few of the constellations around Orion. At one time, Leo the Lion was visible.


Tiffany set up her new (used) Meade LX 200 scope and the Cosmos group gathered around hoping to see objects as the sky became darker. Kyle and his Dad set up a scope near us and soon were viewing Saturn and Jupiter, about the only two objects that could be seen.


Unfortunately just after 9 pm, the sky was just too dark from the marine layer, to see many objects so most everyone packed up and left. We had 13 cars some out to this star party with a number of guests parking up on Black Star Canyon Road. So the total person count was about 30.


We closed the gate at 10 pm, after the last person shut down, and hope the next star party will have clear skies.


Steve & Bonnie