The New Pad Area

Posted On September 5, 1998

Thanks to Dave Kodama for these photos taken during the August star party weekend. Photos from the dedication of Anza House, taken on the same weekend, can be found in our feature article, Anza House Dedication. -- Russ

Above: As noted in Anza Notebook #1, the skies above Anza seem to do a better than average job showing off nature's wonders. Here Dave catches a nice late afternnon cloud shot during the August star party. Left: Electrical work at the new pad development west of Jupiter Ridge.

Left: Jim Thorpe (L) and John Bracken at work on the new pad area. Below: A panoramic photo showing the development. There will be up to ten new pads. The view is to the southeast. The block building on the left is the west end of Dave Hobb's observatory.