President’s Message – May 2000

Posted On May 1, 2000

Star Cruiser Observatory and ASROC

Those of you that access the OCA Web site know that the April President's letter appeared on schedule. Those of you not on the Web saw that the letter was missing from the April issue of the Sirius Astronomer. An unfortunately 24 hour forwarding delay caused my email to the SA editor to arrive a day later than sent, just after the newsletter was sent the issue to the printer. This month I will review some of the information from the April President's letter and bring everyone up to date.

OCA has access to another "large" aperture telescope. The Star Cruiser Observatory (the working title was Star-E Observatory) will house a 16.25" Cassegrain system in a roll-off observatory near the club telescope. I purchased the telescope recently and will commit to using it as a general viewing telescope, along with the club telescope, on star party nights. On other nights both telescopes will be involved in a variety of research projects.

In a related development, the Star Cruiser Observatory will become one of three telescopes that will network in a newly formed working group to be known as "Asteroid Search and Research -- OCA" (ASROC). In the March 2000 issue of the Sirius Astronomer Myke Collins described the ongoing asteroid search program he and Minor White are conducting with the club telescope. The Star Cruiser Telescope, when completed will be come the second telescope in this program. Additionally OCA member John Hoot has joined the group. John is doing cutting edge precision photometry work, determining the rotational periods of asteroids.

Both John and Myke will be future speakers at our monthly meeting (dates yet to be determined). There are exciting times ahead for OCA astronomical research.

"The goodness of the night upon you"
Othello Act 1 Scene 2

Russell Sipe