Presidents Message – July 2002

Posted On July 1, 2002

Major clean-up at Anza

I didn't manage to attend the Anza clean-up at the last star party on June 8th. However quite a few people did and now the area around the observatory has been cleared of the "scarp-metal" that has been lying around for the past 10 years or so. The next time you are at the site check out the warming room in the club observatory as that has also been emptied of much of the junk that was stored there also. Maybe it can really be used as a warming room now!

Photo courtesy of Russell Sipe.
Some of the people who helped out include Barbara Toy, Jerry Mulchin, Dave Hobbs, Matt Ota, Bob Buchheim, Tony Obra, and Russell Sipe who is taking the photograph!.

The following is an excerpt from an email by Vice President Barbara Toy.

Thanks in large part to the strenuous efforts of Bob Buchheim, the warming room is totally cleared out, and he even washed the floor. I did help with the cleanup there, but the bulk of the energy and vision that got that job done was his. We ran out of time and energy to do more than pick up some trash and do some straightening up in the observing area, so that area still needs work.

The other big accomplishment was the transfer (with a lot of sweat, muscle strain and ingenuity) of the numerous steel and aluminum pieces associated with the radio dishes behind the observatory, including the pieces that had been stored in the warming room, to the truck that Tony Obra brought.

So, some great advances were made, though there still are things to do out there that could keep us busy for quite a while.

For more photos please go to Russ Sipes web-site at

Thanks for your support.

A special thank you from me to you!

Many of you have heard of my recent family news. My Father passed away in early June after a long illness. I had to fly back to the UK in order to support my family and attend the funeral. I was very touched by the many letters, cards and emails of support that were sent to me. I truly cherish this club and all of the friends that I have made while being a member. Your thoughts and support really helped me a great deal. Thank you all.
Liam Kennedy
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