OCA Internet Survey

Posted On February 11, 1998

78% of OCA Members Have Access to the Web

At the February OCA Club meeting we conducted a survey of the attendees regarding Internet usage. We wanted to find out what percentage of active OCA members are on the World Wide Web and/or have e-mail addresses. We asked all present to fill out a simple check-the-box questionnaire. Amazingly we got virtually a 102% response from the audience. How could that happen?

We asked both members and non-members to fill out the questionnaires. We also asked people without access to the Web or email to fill out ballots. Of the 135 ballots distributed 138 were returned. How did that happen? Three members used one ballot to record their seperate answers.

Have E-mail No E-mail Have Web No Web
OCA Members 80 21 79 22
Non-Members 20 17 24 13
Percent with E-mail Percent with Web Have Visited OCA Site
OCA Members 79% 78% 60%
Non-Members 54% 65% 30%

Assuming that the attendees at the meeting are a fair representation of the club membership, we can conclude that a large percentage of the club membership has regular access to the World Wide Web (78%) and have e-mail addresses (79%).

It is interesting to note that while 78% of the membership have access to the Web, only 60% have visited the OCA Web site. And 30% of those do so infrequently. Thus 54% of OCA members with access to the Web pay little or no attention to the OCA Web site. Hopefully when we take this survey a year from now those numbers will be dramatically smaller.

Thanks to everyone that participated. -- Russell Sipe