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Posted On July 13, 2004

Many of you will know that Liam Kennedy visited Iran for an 18 day tour to view the Venus Transit with a group of American, British and German astronomers.  Although the Venus Transit event was the primary reason for going to Iran the surprising story that surfaces was just how pleased the Iranian people were to find foreigners, particularly Americans, visiting their country.  

The story will be featured on the following TV programs

IPN Satellite service
Sunday July 25th 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Liam will be the guest on a 1.5 hour talk show on the Persian television network IPN that is broadcast worldwide.  This show is even broadcast into Iran (where many Iranians view it using their "banned" satellite dishes).

The host of the show is Alex Bolourchi, a board member of the Irvine based Iranian-American organization (NIPOC). 

COX Forum
Thursday July 15th at 7pm (repeated every day up until July 21st)

Liam Kennedy will be the guest on the 30 minute show.  In the second half of the show the phone lines are open for callers to ask questions. 

Iran: Rhetoric and Reality

If someone suggested taking a trip to Iran right now you would probably think they were crazy. And you wouldn't be alone. Most Americans wouldn't think of traveling to a country that our own government has labeled part of the "Axis of Evil"? This week's guest on Cox Forum will be Liam Kennedy, past president of Orange County Astronomers, who did take a trip to Iran and to a town so enthusiastic about astronomy that its citizens are building their own observatory, even though they don't yet have a telescope. Mr. Kennedy, a professional videographer as well as an amateur astronomer, became interested in going to Iran as much to meet the people as to observe the Venus Transit. He will share his experience with Forum viewers, experiences that present a sharp contrast between Iran's official rhetoric and the reality of the people. Tune in live on Thursday, July 15th at 7:00 p.m. and e-mail us a question for the show.

Send a Question or call during the LIVE Airing (949) 240-0355

KOCE RealOrange
Monday July 19th 6:30pm. 

KOCE's RealOrange is a nightly live news program featuring stories of relevance to the Orange County community.  Liam Kennedy will be joined by OCA President Barbara Toy for a live interview that will feature the story of how the small town of Saadat Shahr in Iran, and their thirst for astronomy, resulted in many members of the club donating funds and even equipment as a gift to help the astronomy club a world away.

You may contact Liam Kennedy via email:

or phone: 949 387 4862