OCA Candidate Statements

Posted On December 23, 2006

Candidate Statements for the 2007 OCA Election



Bob Buchheim  (Candidate for OCA Secretary) 


2006 marked my 21st anniversary as a member of the OCA.  During those years I’ve taken advantage of many of the opportunities that OCA offers, participated in several outreach events, and made quite a few friends. I’ve shared my enthusiasm for astronomy in general, and amateur research in particular.  During 2006 I was the club’s Secretary, and in that role I hope I was of some help to the Trustees and the members.  I would be honored to continue in that position for another year.  During 2007, I will endeavor to help bring our plans for further development at Anza to fruition, to get the Minutes and action items from Board meetings prepared on time, and support the ongoing activities of the Special Interest Groups.


Shelia Cassidy  (Candidate for OCA Trustee):


I promise to be available to bring any member concerns to the Board.  Since I am usually video-taping the meetings, I am easy to locate for anyone having concerns or ideas on what might help the club to function even better than it has been doing.



Steve Condrey  (Candidate for OCA Trustee): 


Fellow club members, it has been my pleasure to serve you on the Board of Trustees this past year.  I’ve always tried to keep an open ear for member concerns and will do so in the future if re-elected.   It isn’t always feasible for some people to make the meetings, so I’ve made it a point to listen to your concerns and air them before the board.  I promise to explore ways to make our already transparent decision-making process even more accessible to the membership as a whole and to serve as your voice on the board.  Remember, every project the board undertakes is by extension a project of the OCA as a whole, so be sure to make your voice heard!



Steve Short  (Candidate for OCA Trustee):


Thank you for having elected me to be on your OCA governing Board for the past two years. I have tried my best to see that our funds are spent wisely and fairly so all members benefit. I am very proud to represent each and every one of you and my ear is always open for suggestions.


You won’t see me out at Anza often as I try to help out at the Mt. Palomar ETS (Explore the Stars) events on those nights and must run the Black Star Canyon star parties for our club. But I am in tune with all the Anza activity and continue to support the new development of pads and observatories along with maintenance and improvements for our existing equipment, including the Kuhn telescope and observatory.


You will also see me at various public outreach events, when my schedule permits and I help out at the Beginners and Astrophysics classes. I have attended some of the AstroImagers meetings so am familiar with those members and that side of the club.


I would be very honored if you would elect me to a third term as a Trustee in this very prestigious astronomy club of ours. I understand it is probably the largest astronomy club in the world based on active members. I pledge to do my best to see that membership grows and member satisfaction remains high. Thank you for your vote of confidence!



Kyle Coker   (Candidate for OCA Trustee):


I have been a member of OCA for 4 years.  My interest in astronomy began like most of you at the age of around 10 -11 years old sparked by the telescope for Christmas.  I had another run at it about 15 years go but without a mentor I soon lost interest.  My recent interest in the hobby was rekindled with the purchase of a GoTo telescope.  I was directed to the OCA by the salesman and I started to attend the meetings.  I was amazed at the scope (pardon the pun) of activities offered by OCA.  It did not become the largest amateur astronomy club in the country if not the world by limiting itself to monthly meetings and star parties.  The club offers something for everyone. 



Bill Hepner (Candidate for OCA Trustee)


I am running for election again for a seat on the OCA board as a trustee having been a trustee during the 2005-6 office-term.  I look forward doing it again and representing the members of this fine organization.  I’ve been associated with amateur astronomy since 1953.  My beginning was to give elementary school children the pleasure of learning about astronomy by doing outreaches with my home made 6″ Telescope.  I am retired after working 35 years as a chemist. During my time as a paint chemist I’ve done projects for NASA and the AEC.   I’ve also worked with the State Of California as a engineering aide in designing highways and bridges.   My college degree is in Geology and have also worked with Standard Oil of California in the Exploration Department.  I believe my varied vocational resume and my long term experience in amateur astronomy will be an asset to the responsibilities of a trustee. I will appreciate your support.






Tom Kucharski (Candidate for OCA Trustee)


My name is Tom Kucharski. I have been an amateur astronomer for forty years, an OCA member for the past eight years, and a Trustee for the past two (now three) years. I have been active in OCA-TV, the AstroImagers SIG, the planning group for AstroImage 2006, and the Anza Site Planning Committee.


Next year will be an important year for OCA as we try to prioritize critically needed improvements at Anza with the interests of all club members. If elected, I will continue to provide support for members’ individual concerns while being sensitive to OCA’s overall strategic requirements. Thank you for your past support.  


Alan Smallbone  (Candidate for OCA Trustee)


My name is Alan Smallbone and I am running again for a trustee position. I have had a long time interest in astronomy and science in general. My background is in electrical engineering and I currently work with aircraft flight controls.  I have been an active member of the OCA for just over 1 year, in that past year I have been active in the AstroImagers SIG. I have given presentations at the meetings related to beginning Astrophotography. I have also volunteered to be a presenter at AstroImage 2006. I am an active imager and frequent Anza, which has led me to be a member of the Anza Site Committee helping to plan and implement future development of the Anza site. I feel that my background and skills can be beneficial to the club and that is why I am seeking re-election to a position as trustee.


Gary Schones


My name is Gary Schones 


I have been a member of OCA since 1995. I have been a board member for the past 7 years. I took the lead position and along with the pad members built Mars Hill. I also donated and installed the Anza house; the club paid for grading, improvement and materials, and I supplied the labor and tools.  I also do most of the tractor and heavy repair work to the Anza site and Bonny Lane.  


I get a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction from all that the OCA has to offer.  Working as a board member or at Anza allows me to give back to the club.  The board has a lot of exciting plans and ideas in the works and I would like to part of them. With my general contracting background and construction experience I think I can bring a lot ideas and stability to the table. Your vote will allow me to continue to work for the club.