May 28th BSC star party Recap

Posted On May 29, 2016

Black Star Canyon Star Party Recap - Saturday May 28th, 2016

This past Saturday the sky was clear and blue in Orange at 6:30 pm. But we had a big surprise after some dinner when getting into the red Jeep and seeing that clouds now covered most of the sky. So when we got to the BSC gate about 7:15 pm, we were surprised to see there were 16 cars waiting at the gate. I considered canceling the star party but so many people had come out to see Mars at it's closest to Earth in a decade.

So I opened the gate and hoped the sky would clear up but it never did. In fact the entire sky clouded up. We had a few more cars come out ending with about 20 cars and maybe 30 people. Most did not set up scopes and waited patiently but by 9 pm most everybody went home. The final 2 people broke down their scope and left at 10 pm.

We closed the gate about 10:15 pm and felt bad that this star party was a complete bust.

Steve & Bonnie