How to Use Your Telescope

Posted On November 4, 2003

This is the “How to Use Your Telescope” Class session of our Beginners Astronomy Class. Non-members as well as members are invited to bring their telescopes or other equipment that they may be having problems using.  We’ll have volunteers to help you learn how to set your telescope up and get it to work, and (if the sky cooperates) how to find some astronomical objects.

The class is free, and is at the Centennial Heritage Museum (formerly the Discovery Museum) in Santa Ana.  This is on Harvard, about a half block east of Fairview.  Harvard is between Edinger and Warner.  Turn into the driveway of the museum, which is an old Victorian house, and follow the drive to the back of the property.  The class will be in the parking area in front of the portable classroom at the back of the property, and the classroom itself will be open.

For those who already know something about using a telescope – here’s a great chance to share your knowledge!  Come out as a volunteer – it’s a fun way to spend an evening!