2006 Election Results

Posted On January 19, 2006

The full 2006 Board of Trustees is:

President:  Barbara Toy
Vice President:  Craig Bobchin
Secretary:  Bob Buchheim
Treasurer:  Charlie Oostdyk
Trustees:  Gary Schones, Tom Kucharski, Steve Short, Matt Ota, Alan Smallbone, Leon Aslan and Steve Condrey.

It’s sad that not everybody could win.  Needless to say, we’re all very grateful for the time, skill and dedication that Dave Radosevich, Tony Obra, Bill Hepner and Paul Brewer brought to their past Board responsibilities and that they bring to their club activities in general.  Hopefully the results of the election will mean that they all will all have more time to devote to the fun aspects of our hobby this coming year!