10/06/07 BSC star party Recap

Posted On October 8, 2007

As the sun went down we tried to spot Mercury…but never did. However, Jupiter was up most of the evening and I did find Uranus but not Neptune.

We did spot the ISS as it passed over right on time but we never spotted the HST that was supposed to fly by at 7:52?  I was able to show guests the Andromeda Galaxy, M2 & M15 star clusters, double star Alberio and a number of other objects.

We did see the Double Double, the double cluster, the ring nebula, the dumbell nebula and many other nebulas. I did not search for the dim comet or asteroid 5 Vesta.

Although the sky was clear and fairly dark, the seeing was not too good. It got cold enough (53 F) late in the evening that everyone was gone by 10:30 pm.