10/02/10 BSC star party recap

Posted On October 3, 2010

We did not see the HST pass over at 7:28 pm per the Heavens-above website but we did manage to get a glimpse of Venus before it set. Jupiter was showing its northern belt quite clearly along with just a hint of the southern belt thin dark line. All four Galileo moons were lined up in a row with Ganymede clearly the biggest white dot. The small bluish green disc of Uranus was nearby and Neptune was not to far away.


Val pointed out where Comet Hartley should be in Cassiopeia and I found it quickly in my 15 power binoculars. Then he went back and located the comet in his scope while others did the same, but it was very dim and diffuse. M13 was visible but not very bright just as was the Andromeda Galaxy. But at least we could split the Double Double near Vega. However, dew was a big factor as the evening went on.


It was 73 F when I opened the gate at 6:20 pm and was only 60 F when I closed the gate at 12:15. Clouds covered much of the sky at 11:30 pm but we were breaking down scopes at that time.