05/31/08 BSC star party recap

Posted On June 2, 2008

We had a clear, dark, mild temperature night at Black Star Canyon this past Saturday evening. Besides the usual OCA members that come out to BSC, there were a number of visitors that the Irvine Land Conservancy Trust brought out.


Val Akins was pushing his big scope to the max looking at double stars & Saturn with over 500X magnification. Tom Drouet and others went Galaxy hunting looking at M51, M81 & M82. I did take a look at M5 & M53, as did others and the best view of M13 was in a 13″ DOBS.


We were not able to see the dim HST fly over but saw many other satellites. The Iridium flare at 10:30 PM was very bright and we saw another unscheduled one in the same area just a few minutes later.