05/28/11 BSC star party Recap

Posted On May 29, 2011

There were only about 8 cars waiting when I opened the gate at 7:15 (temp 79F) probably because there were clouds to the North and East. We set up scopes and waited for darkness and the clouds got worse. We were able to get good views of Saturn.

We had some of the BSC regulars attend including Vittal, Hassi, etc. Jennifer came out with her nice refractor and Matt was out for the first time in a year. We also had some guests and several new members who were hoping for clear skies. By 9 PM most everyone left as the sky was totally clouded over.

Martin Christenesen stayed and about 10 pm the sky cleared just when Atillio & Angela showed upand he pulled out his 8″ Meade Lightbridge Dobson. A young physics major, Kyle, interested in astronomy showed up about then and got to see M57, Saturn, Titan and M4.

I locked the gate at 11:30 and the sky was about 50% clear.