05/16/09 BSC star party recap

Posted On May 18, 2009

We had the guests park up on Black Star Canyon Road and 23 OCA member cars parked at the viewing site this past Saturday. Val brought his big refractor and was getting spectacular views of Saturn. Young 10 year old Jadon had his Dobs out with new birthday eyepieces seeing M13 and many other objects.

We were not able to spot Mercury due to it setting early and the marine layer. But Saturn was well placed for viewing all night. We were even able to spot large asteroid Ceres near double star Algieba…even using binoculars. I took a look at the other double stars in Leo.

Vittal had his trusty dobs and was galaxy hunting, finding all the prominent ones near the Big Dipper, including M81 & M82. We even had past OCA President Liam Kennedy and Don Lynn come out to enjoy the star party. Travis came out too bringing his son Brandon who I believe has turned 7 and is still finding objects by himself in a small dobs.

We even had one member imaging M3 during the mild evening where temps stayed in the low 60’s to mid 50’s. The last members left just after midnight as the Scorpion was rising and I was able to lock the gate at 12:15.