We’re moving…. from Chapman.edu/OCA to OCAstronomers.org

Posted On August 23, 2001

For many years our club has benefited from the outstanding support of Chapman University. This support extends to the free use of Hashinger Hall for all our monthly meetings. Our web site has also been hosted on the University web servers for many years.

In order for us to start truly expanding the services we provide our members via the web site we must move the hosting into a commercial hosting vendor. This move will allow us to create extensive customizations to our web services that will take the site beyond the existing simple static web pages into a much more dynamic system.

The clubs website is now hosted by Interland who are the second largest hosting company in the world. They host over 300,000 commercial websites.

What will change?

For the past year or so you may have noticed that we have listed our web site address on the Sirius Astronomer as www.OCAstronomers.org. However for all that time if you enter that address into your browser you would also have noticed that you end back up at www.chapman.edu/oca.

From now on - our home on the web is www.OCAstronomers.org.

As of today you will find that when you type in the old home page of www.chapman.edu/OCA you will see a prominent message that is referencing the new site at www.OCAstronomers.org.

Many of the main pages on the Chapman server will display a prominent message about the new site and there will be a link that will take you directly to the corresponding page on our new site. For instance if you have bookmarked the old calendar page at http://www.chapman.edu/oca/calendar.html you will find the new page is at http://www.OCAstronomers.org/calendar

Please update your bookmarks as soon as you can.

The new site contains everything (almost) that was on the old site at Chapman. For a while you may find there are a few links to things that don't quite work. We have a lot of content on the web-site and I may have missed a few things. If you find something missing - or not quite working the way it should - please email me.

What's going to happen in the future with the website?

Well lots of things......

We'll be developing a members only content area which will be password protected and contain special information just for members.

Watch this space.