Proposed Agenda – Board Meeting 1/22/06

Posted On January 21, 2006

This is the proposed agenda for the Board meeting on Sunday, 1/22/06, at 5:30 p.m. (potluck at 5:00).  All members are welcome to attend, but please let Bob Buchheim or Barbara Toy know in advance if you intend to come to this meeting, as that is a requirement of Lockheed Martin, which graciously allows us to use its facility for these meetings.  This agenda is subject to change, and there may be modifications posted before the meeting.

Orange County Astronomers

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

January 22, 2006



  • Approval of November Minutes
  • Set March meeting date - Anza star party is 3/25, BSC is 3/18, General Meeting is 3/10. The best alternatives appear to be 3/5 or 3/12.
  • Financial Summary:  Treasurer's Report; "computerized financial forecast" proposal



  •  None



  • None



  • Material costs for Ramp on Anza House? Additional modification needed to allow full wheelchair access.
  • Astroimage 2006: Report status. Costs preparations/ Board actions?
  • Pad & Observatory issues. i.e. Trailers left on site?
  • Keys to all structures at Anza (i.e. new observatories / sheds).
  • Pad ID number system/painting.
  • Observatory roof - setting of schedule, etc.
    • Part 1: Remove and replace rear roof support structure. Cost?
    • Part 2: Remove and replace Roof. Cost?
    • Remove and replace steel front door on observatory.
  • Anza electrical system - status?
  • Perimeter fence (East complete) North near completion.


  • February meeting: Replacement speaker.
  • Road repair - Anza site and adjoining roads
  • Centennial Heritage Museum request for payment for use of facilities
  • Mills telescope
  • Open to the floor


  • Anza Site Committee progress
  • Anza Broadband system - status on modifications/repairs:  Connections at the observatory still need to be completed.
  • Anza Roof Repairs - Don Lynn plans to do the shingle replacement.  Barbara Toy will do the sealing of the seams in the west coach.
  • WeatherCam status