President’s message – December 2002

Posted On December 1, 2002

Leonids Storm is a bit of a yawn!

I don't want to seem ungrateful or anything - but I guess I was expecting a little bit more from the last-in-a-lifetime opportunity of seeing the Leonids at their best. Don't get me wrong - I really enjoyed sharing the last big storm of the 21st century with all the other members who went to Anza on the night of November 18th. In total there must have been around 40-50 members who had turned up to experience the event. I spent most of my observing time on the "football" field next to a group who were lying flat on their back waiting for things to happen. Very little activity of any merit occurred until around 2:45am when there was a marked increase to perhaps 10-20 meteors per minute (my very unscientific guess).

On the Tuesday evening we had the monthly AstroImagers meeting where two of the members showed the group some freshly developed photographs taken that morning. Jim Windlinger had one photo in particular with at least 6 faint Leonid meteors visible. Check the web site for photos and other information and experiences from our members.

Cement work at Anza

On the day of the November Anza star party many members turned out to help with the pouring of cement for the stairs from the member's observatory and the last-members-in area and also the stairs to the EOA's MOCAT development near Anza house.

Thanks to all who helped - and especially Don Lynn for his continued dedication in keeping the Anza site such a quality resource for all of us.

OCA Elections 2003

The nominations for board members were formally opened at the November OCA general meeting. So far the line-up for voting is as follows (subject to change)

President: Barbara Toy, Vice President: Joel Harris, Secretary: Bruce Crowe, Treasurer: Charlie Oostdyk
Trustees: Bob Buchheim, Carol Copp, Tim Hogle, Anthony Obra, Dave Radosevich, Gary Schones, Russell Sipe, Liam Kennedy

Although I am not standing for the president's position next year I look forward, with your vote, to continue helping the club in a trustee role.

The December meeting will be the last opportunity for nominations for board positions. At this meeting we intend to provide an opportunity for each candidate to give a short representation of their credentials and reasons for standing for a board position.

Please check out the very helpful article by Barbara Toy in this newsletter and on the web site all about being a board member.

Liam Kennedy
"every day we are connecting ever more photons of light from distant galaxies to the eyes, hearts, minds and imaginations of our members and others in our community."