Permanent Pad Site Available at Anza

Posted On February 25, 2005

A site to build a permanent pad at Anza has become available.  The prior license holder never built on his site despite the best of intentions and has now decided to sell his site license to someone else.  This site is located in the lower pad area in the southernmost row of pads.  The site can be seen at the left side just behind the dark pier in the foreground of the picture at:  /about_oca/club_observing_sites/anza_virtual_tour/images/low_pan_lg.jpg  Since this is just a bare ground site, the cost is inexpensive.  A new pad holder would have to pay all construction expenses to develop a pad on this site and the design must be approved by the Board before construction can begin.  For further information, contact the Pad Coordinator Charlie Oostdyk at