OCA Member Henry Fry runs the clubs Telescope Loaner Program

Posted On September 10, 2002

One of the many benefits of membership with the OCA is the access to a variety of Telescopes which are available for any member to use. Details of this member benefit are detailed below by Henry Fry - the Loaner Program Manager.

The telescopes that we have in the Telescope Loaner Program are:

  1. 6" Newtonian with manual equatorial mount
  2. 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain with Criterion Wedge and tripod
  3. 10.1" Newtonian Odyssey with Dobsonian mount (red one)
  4. 10.1" Newtonian Odyssey with Dobsonian mount (blue one)
  5. 13.1" Newtonian Odyssey with Dobsonian mount
  6. 4.5" Meade Newtonian with German equatorial mount
  7. 8" Newtonian with motorized equatorial mount
  8. 8" Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain with locked-triangle tripod
  9. 6" Celeston Newtonian with Dobsonian mount.


All telescopes come complete with several eyepieces, an instruction manual, and an alignment scope or telrad.

There is no charge for loan of the telescopes and they are to be picked up from me and returned to me at my home, or some other mutually agreeable location.

They are normally loaned for one month and they may be kept longer if no other member has made a request.

Members can find out about the availability of any scope by contacting Henry Fry on (714) 635-6056 or through email and, if the specific one they want is not immediately available, they can be put on a waiting list.

Members who check out a telescope will be asked to complete a form similar to the following:

OCA Loaner Scope Program
Administrator:  Henry J. Fry
1030 S. Verde St.
Anaheim, CA 92805-5752
Phone: (714) 635-6056

Scope loaned to:

Name ______________________________________


Home telephone number______________________________________

Work telephone number______________________________________

The Loaner Scope Program is for OCA members in good standing. It is the responsibility of the borrower to pick up the equipment from the administrator and to return it to the administrator or some mutually agreed location. The equipment may be kept for one (1) month minimum and for longer periods if no other member has requested the use of the equipment. The borrower agrees to maintain the equipment and return it in good condition.

A donation of $5.00 per month will help keep this program going and is appreciated by OCA.

EQUIPMENT BORROWED:_______________________________ ________________

(signature of borrower) (date)


Equipment to be returned, or loan period renewed (by phone),

Present Membership Expires______________________________________

Henry Fry pictured between the 
newly refurbished 13.1" and 10.1" Dob