Nojum (Iranian Astronomy Magazine) welcomes OCA members for Venus transit

Posted On June 5, 2004

Early June and a group of US, German and British astronomers (including OCA members Liam Kennedy and Hassan Mahvelati) are on an extraordinary visit to Iran to view the Venus transit.  Their 18-day journey is taking in many historic sites and encouraging contact with local enthusiasts and professionals.  Among these is Babak Tafreshi, Editor of "Nojum" - the only Iranian Astronomy magazine.  Babak's wife, Shadi, translates the content into English for the website.  The English-version website is  Take a look at the site and expect further news (and images) from the travellers on the day of the Venus transit. A video steam and live images will be provided from a site in Tehran and also from the historic tomb of Cyrus the Great.

One of the trips will be to Shadat-Shah, which has the largest Iranian Astronomy club of 1,000 people (and this from a village of 10,000 people).  Donations of equipment from OCA members will be made to the club during the visit.