Mt Wilson Trip: Holy Cow WOW!

Posted On January 1, 2000

By Jim Windlinger

Photos taken by Jim Windlinger: Holy cow WOW!

The following photos show the amazing results possible when you have a mere 60" of aperture and a digital camera.

I used a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera held behind a Celestron 26mm Silvertop Plossl with a custom machined bracket. The power at the eyepiece was 923x.

I then used the optical zoom on the camera to get the image to nearly fill the screen. I oversample the image so much to minimize the Jpeg artifacts. The only processing done was a rescale, level adjust, and a mild unsharp mask using Picture Window 2.5.

The exposure times were 1/15th second for Jupiter, and 1/8th second for Saturn.

Included are some photos of the telescope that was used for the Saturn and Jupiter images above.

These images were taken by OCA Vice President Jay Glowacki and show the little itsy bitsy telescope which has helped produce such amazing photos as shown above