Loaner Program Coordinator Needed!

Posted On October 5, 2003

Henry Fry, who has done such a great job of running our Telescope Loaner Program for the last few years, is retiring from that position.  For those who don't know the history, when Henry became the coordinator, the Loaner Program had basically been inactive for a very long time.  Henry tracked down the club telescopes that were supposed to be in the program, which took a lot of determination and detective work, added new scopes, made a lot of repairs and added equipment such as eyepieces, Telrads and Barlows, and also developed a tracking system for each telescope in the program.  The result has been a very active Loaner Program that has allowed a lot of different people to experience working with a telescope on their own before they actually buy one - a tremendous service to all concerned and to the club as a whole.


We are very sorry to be losing Henry from this position, and we are very grateful for all that he's done with the Loaner Program.  He assures us that he'll still be available to his successor by telephone or email.

If you are interested in the position or want more details, please contact Barbara Toy at or Henry Fry at