John Sanford’s Starhome

Posted On January 1, 2000

Welcome to STARHOME

Here is a note about, and images of John Sanford's new home, STARHOME.

Well, Friends,

I think I have a name for my erstwhile purchase in Springville. Any comments would be appreciated. I don't know what it means, either, but it is a nice name.... and not particularly common, as you might think.

The overall view of the house, and the one of the observatory pad were shot from almost the same spot. The pad shot would be looking exactly at 90 degrees to the left of the house shot.

Cheers John

Editor's Note: In a recent trip to STARHOME we noted that John has a new neighbor moving in next door. More on this at the end of this page..

To learn more about John's new neighbor, click here.