Image Gallery Upload Guide

Posted On January 1, 2000

Format of Images

  • JPG, JPEG, PNG images are supported

Size of Images

  • This applies to both the dimensions (width/height) and the physical size (in KB) of the images:
  • Images up to 1500 x 1500 pixels are supported.
  • Images with a file size of up to 2mb are supported. If you are having difficulty adjusting the file size of your image try adjusting the compression of your JPEG.
  • With our new image upload system you no longer need to worry about thumbnail sizes. Simply upload the file formatted to meet the requirements above.

File Names of Images

Please be careful in how you physically name your image files. If necessary re-name them prior to uploading. File names must not contain any "exotic" characters such as a single quote character or the ampersand character.

Also the image gallery will be used by many members and it is important that image file names do not clash with one-another. For instance don't name your image of the moon "moon.jpg". I would recommend the following standard.


e.g. M100_LK_23052003_01.jpg


You can now pick the most appropriate category when you upload you image.

Image Information

When you add new images you will have an opportunity to enter detailed Image Information against each image. Please fill in as much information as you can. Some of this information can be automatically created for you from default information that you can define in your member profile. Look at the new section at the bottom of your member profile here.

Editing Your Images

If you would like to edit or remove any image please contact a member of the OCA team who manages the website.

Any OCA member can login to and upload your astrophotos.

Upload Images

All uploaded astrophotos can be found in our image gallery.

Image Gallery