Online Beginner’s Class


This event is free and open to public, to attend please use the link on the box above. The first session of the Beginners Astronomy Class gives a general overview of all of the different objects you can see in the night and day time skies, with some history and information about what they […]

OCA Board Meeting


The OCA board will be meeting online at 10:30am. If a member would like to attend the meeting contact Alan Smallbone.  

Online General Meeting – March 2021


This is an online event, to attend please register with zoom using the link on the box above. Gearing Up to Explore an Icy Moon: the Europa Clipper Mission What is just a quarter the diameter of the Earth but may have twice as much water as of all the Earth’s oceans combined under an […]

Open Spiral Bar


This event is free and open to public, to attend please register using the link on the box above. Come and socialize with your fellow astronomy enthusiasts face-to-face virtually! Bring your latest astrophotos, mini-presentation, questions or none and your own refreshments.

Online Ventura County Astronomical Society’s General Meeting


This is an online event held by OCA for VCAS. No prior registration is required but when entering the webinar, zoom will ask for your name and email. At the time of the meeting, to attend via zoom app click here, via your browser click here. To install the zoom app click here.  

March (Spring) Equinox

The March equinox is the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the start of fall in the Southern Hemisphere by astronomical definitions

Worm Moon

The Full Moon in March is traditionally called Worm Moon, after earthworms that tend to appear around in this time in many locations in the