Astronomy A Go-Go: The Latest Space Buzz, On The Go

Posted On February 4, 2006

Hey All-

Looking for the latest space buzz to take with you and download on your iPod? If so, then “Astronomy A Go-Go” is space…on the go!

From Washington State, this site provides — daily — a little sound file you can download to hear today’s “Astronomy A Go-Go” episode, and you can download it to your iPod or other sound player device and take it with you on the go!

This is a link to a “podcast,” which is like a Web version of a radio news show; you go to the podcast Website, and the podcast site has a new sound file posted each day with the show’s content. Then you can download the sound file to either listen to on your computer, or download a bunch of sound files from different days, and listen to them on your iPod or other portable sound device — hence the name, “(i)Pod broadcast,” i.e. “podcast.”

Check out the latest episode: Episode #8: Find Saturn and the “Woman in the Moon”

Brian Hart
Astrophysics Grad Student, UC Irvine