Agenda for November Board Meeting

Posted On November 6, 2003

OCA Board Meeting

November 9, 2003





  • Approval of minutes of previous Board meeting
  • Financial Summary
  • Set date for next meeting - 1/4 is before the general meeting, 1/11is two days after the general meeting/election, 1/18 is the day after the BSC and 1st Anza star parties, and 1/25 is after the 2nd Anza star party for the month (new moon is Wed.).




  • Confirm Larry Carr as the new Anza House Coordinator




None requested




  • Election
  • Anza Planning Task Force

       o       Confirm resignation of Liam Kennedy from Task Force

o       Other changes in personnel?

o       Timetable?   

  • Anza Broadband - Implementation of payment schedule, controlling access, proposed rules for use of the service.
  • Better lock for observing area of OCA Observatory




  • Identification of club property - theft of club's Byer's Cam Trak
  • Website - change in personnel and in structure of responsibilities
  • Reporting issues
  • Education Fund, other funding issues
  • Maintenance needed for Anza roadways
  • Observatory roof
  • Black Star Canyon - can we get more frequent access for our members?
  • Explore the Stars - we need a new coordinator
  • Loaner Program - we need a new coordinator (Bob Bell has expressed interest in the position)
  •        Plan for inventorying surplus items/items in storage for sale or otherwise getting them in use or disposing of them




  • AstroImage Conference
  • Painting of Anza House
  • Mice/rat eradication in Anza House
  • Star Member training - training sessions are beginning.  Current trainers are Barbara Toy and Chuck Ladoza.
  • Star Member manual - still under revision.
  • Update on Kuhn Telescope
    • Dave Radosevich was trying to get replacement chip for RA drive.
    • John Hoot is expecting to have more time to spend on working the remaining problems. 
  • Explore the Stars update - Sept. session was smaller than Aug. and was plagued with problems (no speaker, Richard Cranston was out of state and unable to organize volunteers, etc.), but a good time was had by all anyway and the 2003 program ended on a positive note. 
  • EOA update - MOCAT Observatory is now finished.  Mount has been assembled for testing and tests are under way.  Software and hardware bugs are being worked out, and so far the results are looking good.
  • Anza Site planning update
  • Awards plans/program update

o       Helen Mahoney's suggestion of "Lifetime Achievement" Award

  • Tessmann update