A Mt. Wilson Dome comes to Anza

Posted On August 4, 1998

The August issue of Anza Notebook looks back at the July 1998 Star Party. The football field was full late on Saturday afternoon. The last time the editor remembers the public viewing area being this full was for Comet Hyakutake in March 1996. No doubt, our traditional star-b-que added to the attendence. There will be another star-b-que at the August star party and mobile home dedication.

Tony Obra and a group of helpers delivered what will be the future dome for the OCA Remote Access Telescope. The dome, which had been at Mt. Wilson arrived on a flatbed truck late in the hot afternoon. Gathering a group of members from the near overflow crowd at the Football Field and from Jupiter Ridge, Tony and crew unloaded the dome which will be stored temporarily next to the mobile homes.

Hmmm. What is that strange blip of light on the horizon? I certainly didn't notice it when I took the picture. Could it be... yes, indeed, a UFO, an unidentified flare object, on the lens. Or maybe Zyzyx was keeping an eye on us.

Speaking of the extraordinary, this photo is the first documented use of anti-gravitational levitation at the Anza site. Check out the left hand of the helper at the left side of the photo, facing the camera.

Tony Obra (Hawaiian shirt) and helpers unload a part of the dome.
This month's interactive feature. What is the fellow on the left saying? Send your suggestions.