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Updated Agenda - Board Meeting 3/12/06
By: Barbara Toy
March 9, 2006 12:59AM PDT
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To see the updated agenda for the Board meeting on 3/12/06, please click on the title to this article.

Orange County Astronomers

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

March 12, 2006





  • Approval of November and January Minutes
  • Set May meeting date – Anza star party is 5/27, BSC is 5/20, General Meeting is 5/12, RTMC is 5/26-5/28, Mother’s Day is 5/14. The best alternatives appear to be 5/7 or 5/21.
  • Financial Summary:  Treasurer’s Report; “computerized financial forecast” proposal, insurance.



  •  It is resolved that, if Rick Wiggins obtains the rights to Star Cruiser from Russell Sipe, the license granted to him will contain the same rights and restrictions as the license granted to Russell Sipe.  In particular, his license would include a requirement that, whenever possible, he will open Star Cruiser to members and their guests on star party nights to observe his operation of his telescope and associated equipment; he would retain the right to refuse access to any of the Star Cruiser facilities for reasonable cause, which would include but not be limited to concern for his own safety and/or that of his equipment.  Because of the special considerations that led to the approval of Star Cruiser and its location next to the club observatory, the OCA Board of Trustees expressly reserves the right to approve future transfers of the license for Star Cruiser.



  • None.



  • Astroimage 2006: Preliminary budget, status.
  • Road repair – Anza site and adjoining roads
  • Observatory roof – setting of schedule, etc.

Ø      Part 1: Remove and replace rear roof support structure. Cost?

Ø      Part 2: Remove and replace Roof. Cost?

  • Removal of trailers left on site – Steve Short found someone who will take the observatory trailer if we can provide a pink slip. 

·        Centennial Heritage Museum request for payment for use of facilities

  • Perimeter fence.
  • Mills telescope
  • Checking of keys to all structures at Anza (i.e. observatories/sheds).



  • Messier Marathon – need coordinator.  This year’s MM is 3/25, with 4/1 as a backup date.
  • Review/approval/modification of letters drafted by Bob Buchheim
  • Banquet – Joel Harris offered to organize it in the past.  Possible dates:  10/8 (day after full moon, after Ramadan, but possible 3-day weekend because of Columbus Day Monday), 10/15 (day after last quarter moon, Sunday after Oct. general meeting), 10/29 (day after BSC star party, 1st quarter moon, Daylight Savings off the night of 10/28-10/29), 11/5 (full moon), and 11/12 (3rd quarter moon, Veteran’s Day weekend).
  • Air conditioner needed for computer room in Anza House.  Estimated cost to obtain a suitable unit, run a separate electrical circuit for the unit, and modify the window to allow installation of the unit:  up to $300.
  • Recommendations for award recipients
  • Donation of Chris Butler painting to the club.
  • Anza House

Ø      Need new coordinator; Tim Hunt was transferred to Tennessee

Ø      The house has been left unlocked, heat and lights on.  Suggestions for keeping that from happening again

Ø      Anza House roof repairs

  • Procedures for notice of issues to be considered by the Board
  • Open to the floor




  • Anza electrical system – status?
  • Anza Site Committee update
  • Anza Broadband system:  Connections at the observatory still need to be completed. 
  • WeatherCam status – Gary Schones has constructed a new metal base.
  • Repair of weed whackers
  • Remove and replace steel front door on observatory.

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